Who is behind Sigash vitro?

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Dr. Sietske Stuiver-Hoekstra is my name, I was born in the Netherlands and graduated in biology at the Free University Amsterdam. In 1984 I started to work in the area of plant cell and tissue culture. I worked at ZaadUnie (now part of Syngenta), at TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) and Leiden University for Heineken, at the start-up company Mogen International, and at Zeneca and Syngenta and as a consultant I worked for a variety of small-sized up to multinational breeding companies.

As a teamleader, line manager and consultant I had the opportunity to work with a large variety of crops, including vegetables, fruits, cereals, ornamentals, legumes and trees.

I am experienced with many tissue culture techniques like (doubled) haploid production – anther and microspore culture, hy- and cybridization – protoplast fusion and regeneration, genetic engineering – transformation, somatic embryogenesis, cryopreservation, vegetative propagation, rooting, hardening off and storage.

In 2009 I founded my company Sigash Vitro, based in Germany; my activities are worldwide.

My experience can be an enormous advantage in the accomplishment of projects.

I have:

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